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YOU are the reason we work so hard on our Quality!

We believe quality is a journey that never ends.

All product is verified before it leaves our building, so you can have confidence that you will get what you ordered & get it when you want it.

4 levels of Incoming Inspection

  • Commercial Products
  • Detail Inspection for parts made to prints
  • Certified Vendor Products
  • Automotive Products

Our quality system is certified to ISO9001 and we are dedicated to continually improving our operations to provide the level of quality our customers have come to rely on.

ISO 9001:2015 REGISTERED - internationally recognized quality management standard

Quality is not a separate function, it is designed into every aspect of our operations.

Do you have complex or unique quality requirements? We will develop the internal quality systems and procedures to ensure your specific requirements. We can provide a wide array of certification and inspection data upon request.

  • Certificate of Conformance - this document certifies that all the items on your order meet the appropriate standards on your PO. Just request this C of C at the time you place your order and we will send it with the shipment.
  • Material Test Report (MTR) - is a lot/ heat specific test report that includes dimensional, physical & chemical test results. MTRs are available for all heat treated & grade marked products
  • Additional Inspections - No problem just let us know what inspection criteria you need

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Questions about Quality at THB, contact our Quality Department