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About Us

Since our beginnings in 1986, we have carved a niche as a leader among distributors of industrial fasteners by serving Utah and surrounding states from our North Salt Lake and Boise locations through our commitment to First Class Service and Expertise. It has always been our philosophy to develop long term relationships built on trust.  We understand that we won't be successful unless you are.

THB Flexibility

We have earned a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. We have been able to maintain this level of service excellence because we care.  We care enough to understand our customers, and know our suppliers. Fasteners tend to be an inexpensive or forgotten item, until they hold up production. We understand how our products and the solutions we provide help our customers achieve their goals and keep your projects on schedule.

THB Knowledge & Expertise

Our inside sales staff each have average of over 18 years of experience in the fastener industry. We can not only take your orders, we can make suggestions and help you solve problems. If it has anything to do with industrial fasteners, we can locate it or custom manufacture it. Services don't mean much unless they help our customers get where they want to go.  We take the time to understand our customer's motivation. Then we use our knowledge of procurement and material handling throughout the supply chain to help our customers achieve their goals. At times we see solutions to problems our customers don't even know they have.

THB Inventory

We carry and supply over 100,000 items from our warehouses. Our supply of fasteners is by bar the largest in the Intermountain region. Our supply of fasteners does not end at the walls of our warehouse, but extends out to the many locations of our valued suppliers locations around the country.

THB Quality

Our quality system is certified to ISO9001 and we are dedicated to continually improving our operations to provide the level of quality our customers have come to rely on. We excel at meeting the ever changing customer demands in many quality driven industries such as Automotive, High Pressure Valves, Fitness Equipment, and Medical Device. Our bar-code tracking system allows us to track your products from incoming inspection through final inspection and shipping. 

THB Value Added Services