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THB has a stock program that is right for you!

THB knows you want the right product at the right price at the right time and location. Managing that inventory in mission critical to your success. Nobody wants a dollar fastener holding up a thousand dollar project so we have a series of solutions to meet your needs.

Bin Stock Supply

THB will first seek to understand your needs for bin stock that may include point of use replenishment, just in time delivery, and or a single or two bin Kanban system.


If exacting control is needed THB has a vending offer available for those that choose this method of dispense for critical shop items or key consumable items. The vending solutions are always available to employees 24/7, and every item dispensed is automatically controlled and reported.

In-House Store

THB has the experience and capability to offer an in house solution, we can bring the store to you.

Truck to Dock

Your product is delivered by uniform wearing clean cut drivers who are bin stock specialists. You determine the cadence of delivery, the time and day needed. We work to match your needs and schedule.


THB offers free delivery within a certain radius of our Utah and Idaho based facilities. We help you reduce your cost of re –order through our Vendor Managed Inventory control, custom packaging, order creation and approval. We will evaluate and coordinate with each customer on their specific needs and circumstances for complete inventory control.

Please contact THB today for an evaluation of your bin stock program needs and pricing.

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